The ship book gives a first introduction to life on board the East Indiaman Gothenburg. The book describes the knowledge, routines, terms, etc. that you as a young man meet on board. But it is also a book for those who do not sail on board, but who are still interested in the historical knowledge about the ship's rig, sail handling and seamanship that is found in the book.


The book is written by Björn Ahlander and Jens Langert, who were responsible for drawing and constructing the East Indiaman's typical 18th century rig. Together, they have opened the door to the world on board for thousands of young people. Here they share their unique experiences. The book is also beautifully illustrated by Jens Langert.


Authors: Björn Ahlander and Jens Langert

Illustrations: Jens Langert

Format: Soft cover 170x230 mm

Language: Available in both Swedish & English

Number of pages: 140


The Ship´s Book Manual