The book, which was initiated by SOIC, presents the whole unique project 'Ostindiefararen Götheborg' in a very easily accessible way. The book breathes sea and sailing. It describes what it was like to sail to China in the 18th century and how to handle a full rig today.


The book describes the proces of what began with a few porcelain fragments, resulted in the re-creation of a stately 18th-century ship - one of the world's largest fully-equipped wooden sailing ships that meets international safety requirements for ocean-going ships. The book describes the marine archeological survey 1986-1992, the dream of a ship, the research and construction work and the entire shipbuilding 1995-2005, stage by stage, launch, baptism, test sailing and maiden voyage.


In addition, the book contains an exciting look back at the Swedish East India Company's activities in the 18th century. Their trade with China, the long expeditions and the exotic goods, the East Indiaman Gothenburg and the dramatic grounding on the way to the home port in 1745. With captivating diary quotes from the 18th century and new facts.


Author: Ingrid Arensberg

Language: Available in both Swedish/English/Chinese

Edition: 3rd edition. (2009)

Format: Hard cover 240 x 280 mm

Number of pages: 127

Ostindiefararen Götheborg seglar igen