Invite your friends and family to a unique experience onboard the Swedish Ship Götheborg, the ship is an excellent location for any kind of private event. The Swedish Ship Götheborg offers an unique and intriguing setting with the smell of tar and salty sea spray and the view of the port of Gothenburg. We are open all year.  

An evening to remember in an intriguing setting

A celebration on the Swedish Ship Götheborg will become a memory for life. The ship offers a unique and intriguing setting. Spice up your event with an experience package of fun activities for all party participants or why not invite your guests to enjoy a guided tour on board. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of arranging everything from weddings to birthday parties, where the meals can consist of breakfast, lunch or dinner. We work with the well-renowned kitchen master Johan Holmgren, who is responsible for the kitchen with an experienced hand and a creative mind. For the larger parties, mingle is offered outdoors on weather deck or a sitting dinner can be arranged on the gun deck. For the smaller parties who wish for a more intimate dinner offer, the big and the small cabin onboard are available.


The Swedish Ship Götheborg is open as usual, but due to Covid-19 we have made a number of changes to make our visitors and employees feel safe. We follow the authorities' recommendations closely and when it comes to food arrangements on board, we have reduced the maximum number of guests to 48 people. More information regarding the measures we take with regard to the Corona virus can be found in this document.

Update on November 17:

Given the developments in the region in recent days and in view of the even narrower recommendations given on November 16, we have decided not to offer Christmas dinners this year.

Capacity & facilities

The ship with the adjacent Ship Hall provides creative and inspiring settings that suits small and medium-sized companies. We offer facilities that suit mingle as well as sitting dinners. Our capacity is as follow:

On board:

Gun deck: Maximum 48 seated guests
Sun deck (outdoors): Maximum 85 standing guests
Big Cabin: Maximum 18 seated guests
Small Cabin: Maximum 6 seated guests


On the pier:

Ship Hall: Maximum 48 guests for meal arrangements, maximum 50 for theatre/cinema settings.

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Cecilia Bothorp