EXPEDITION 2021-2022

The Swedish Ship Götheborg is getting ready for the expedition to Asia in 2022 and we are pleased to announce it starts with a leg to Stockholm already in August 2021.

Götheborg is the world’s largest wooden ocean-going sailing ship, and we look forward to set sail in August. The trip to Stockholm will be the first stop on our expedition to East Asia 2022.


The common mission for the expedition is to put Swedish innovations for a better world on display. The expedition and the ship as a platform provide a unique context where we can increase business opportunities for Swedish companies. At the same time, we will put focus on the greatest challenge of our times – the adaptation to a sustainable future.

The stop-over in the capital city will be a showcase of future possibilities for Swedish companies that are looking for new business opportunities in East Asia. 


Preparations and sailing schedule
After extensive maintenance work, including two shipyard visits, as well as lifting and inspecting the 15-ton main mast, The Swedish Ship Götheborg is ready to sail again. 


The sailing from Gothenburg will take twelve days. On arrival to Stockholm the 26th of August, we plan to salute the city in our special way. We will moor at Skeppsbron 105 until the 4th of September, before heading back.


​Moore details regarding the trip to Stockholm and the sailing legs can be found here.