The Swedish Ship Götheborg is heading out once again



This time we will reconnect with our own history and do some serious, sustainable business. 

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The Swedish Ship Götheborg is a living ship brimming with history to be told. Since the construction of the ship, we have rediscovered knowledge and expertise on how an 18th century ship is built, sailed, and maintained. We are extremely pleased that the ship will now sail again for the coming two years, so if you are interested in becoming part of our voyage and the caring of our ship we really would like you to hear from you. As a volunteer you get the chance in taking part of our knowledge and learn craftsmanship on board. What is required for keeping an 18th century ship in good shape? What materials were used at that time, and what is used today? How is lashing conducted? The tasks are varied and can revolve around anything from taring ropes, scraping the Hull, to working in the Rigging.

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